Testimonials for Joanna

I called Joanna Shell in February of 2009 to seek treatment for fertility issues. It was my first time with acupuncture so I was nervous. Joanna has a very nice style and put me at ease right away. She listened to all of my concerns and walked me through the process step by step. I actually came to enjoy and look forward to my "needling". I know I felt better physically after each session. I am proud to say that I am the proud mother of twin 2-year old girls now and can't thank Joanna enough for preparing my body for that twin pregnancy. Joanna's knowledge of fertility issues and health was really eye opening and I know I'm a healthier, happier person today because of her! Thank you Joanna!




I feel so fortunate to have found Joanna and I highly recommend her for acupuncture!  I was referred to Joanna by my Ob-gyn at the Sequoia Hospital Women's Care Clinic for fertility treatments.  From the beginning I felt like Joanna carefully tailored her treatments to my symptoms and monitored my progress.  I always leave appointments feeling completely relaxed.  Joanna is extremely kind and personable, and she has been a great partner on my journey to parenthood!




I had a pain in my stomach that I couldn’t articulate.  I went to Joanna and after many questions, pulse taking, and looking at my tongue, she explained to me that I was suffering from anxiety.  She took time to explain everything from the Chinese medicine perspective (something about my liver qi) and how exercise, eating the right foods, some herbs, and acupuncture would help me feel better.  I wasn’t so sure but then she put a needle at the top of my head and one in between my eyebrows and the pit in my stomach disappeared.  I continued treatment for a few months and now only go for tune-ups.  I feel so much better!!  Thanks Joanna!




Joanna is amazing. I went to her for help before and during my pregnancy. She totally put me at ease, and I felt wonderful during and after each visit. Joanna is extremely personable and instantly feels like someone you've known for a long time. I have recommended her to many of my friends and co-workers. I've been to plenty of acupuncturists in SF, and Joanna is by far the best.



Joanna Shell truly is the "Needle Master"!   I decided to give acupuncture nearly two years ago as a complement to my treatment for shoulder pain.  Within just a few treatments, I had regained full mobility in my shoulder and no longer had any tingling or numbness in my fingertips.

Once that issue was under control, it turned out that there wasn't a single ailment that Joanna didn't have a needle for.  Digestive problems, migraines, cramps, stress/anxiety, insomnia, allergies...in the past two years, she's managed to eradicate, or greatly diminish, any problem life has thrown at me.  

Plus, she's just the sweetest, most compassionate person.  She really gets to know her patients.  She always takes the time to talk to you, she cares about what you're going through, and she always seems to know the right thing to say, no matter how great the problem.  She heals you from the inside out.  Joanna Shell is definitely one of a kind!




Joanna is fantastic. And one of the things I find most refreshing about her is that she is exactly NOT what you'd expect in an acupuncturist - not at all kooky and weirdly blissed out - just a cool chick who knows her stuff.

I started seeing Joanna a few years ago on a recommendation from a friend for some neck/shoulder/headache issues - you know, the typical Bay Area afflictions. She solved those problems and more (even staved off a cold once).

Because my ailments disappeared, I stopped seeing her. But a couple of weeks ago, about 6 months into my pregnancy, I decided to see if there was anything she might be able to do about a lot of pressure I'm feeling from carrying the baby low. She was very honest with me and said she couldn't make it go away entirely, but she could improve it.

Well, that's been the result exactly. I feel a great deal of relief - no, it's not like I don't feel pregnant! But the improvement is well worth continuing to see her throughout the rest of the pregnancy.

Thank you, Joanna!




Joanna is the best!  She continues to save me from my many stress induced ailments.  I call her my magician because she pokes me with her needles and takes away my pain.  My first most noticeable physical change was after only 3 months, she was able to rid me of my monthly cramps.  This seemed impossible because I use to faint from pain, miss school when I was younger and regularly take boat loads of over the counter pain relievers during my girl time.  At first I thought it was just one spectacular pain free month, but then I realized month after month....no more cramps!  Yeah!!!  She has also been able to help me with panic attacks, sleep issues and overall stress reduction.  Joanna is knowledgeable about Modern medicine and Chinese medicine so she understands the benefit of both types of treatment.  Joanna truly cares about her client’s mental and physical health.  She loves to help people feel better and has a true talent with her needles.  I'm addicted for life!



I admit it, I was skeptical of acupuncture until I tried it.  Joanna Shell's office is clean and the atmosphere relaxing.  I was suffering from lower back pain sciatica.  I decided that I was going to improve my situation by doing whatever it took and I threw my skepticism aside and visited Joanna.  It took several visits before all of my pain was gone, but I noticed immediate improvement.  Joanna's professionalism and knowledge was clear and I recommend her whenever I am asked about acupuncture and it's merit.  What I also really appreciate about Joanna beyond her skill is her sense of humor.  She simply knows how to make you feel comfortable when your body is anything but ...