i think a lot of my patients are surprised when they meet me.  i look...well...a lot like many of my patients!  i'm often wearing a dress and knee high boots!  i haven't worn a white lab coat since i graduated from graduate school.  for some, this might be disconcerting.  for others, it puts them at ease.  because so many patients come to me out of frustration after getting no help from their western md, i purposely set myself apart.  and the lab coat is only the beginning.   my appointments are an hour long per patient to make sure that each patient is heard and and knows that i have truly listened.  patients are able to reach me via email...even on the weekend.  ever try that with your western md?!  and, i have been known to take my patients to the ER or to accompany them to important doctor appointments when they need help.

is this always in my best interest?  NO!  i have a 24 hour cancellation policy and it gets really hard to charge my patients when they don't show up but have become a friend.  is this in your best interest?  you better believe it!!!  i work 150% to make my patients feel better and get the results they desire.  so no...you won't find me in a white lab coat.  but you will find a dedicated, smart, albeit well dressed acupuncturist ready to fix you up and send you on your way!  :)