many patients come to my office with the same question:  what do you think of western medicine?  probably 80% of those individuals don't expect my answer.  i think it's great...for some things!  i like to use the best of both worlds in my practice.  chinese medicine has its place, just as western medicine does.  sometimes one is better than the other.  it's a matter of knowing when to use acupuncture or herbs over western medicine and vice versa.  there are a few ailments that i can't treat - such as broken bones or emergency surgeries.  thank goodness we have western medicine for that.  yet, for so many other things, chinese medicine rocks!  and often, chinese medicine is less intrusive and more effective as we treat the root of the problem, i.e it's not just a band-aid.

still wondering western medicine or chinese medicine?  of course i think you should try chinese medicine.  but i will work with your doctor and your current treatment so you can have a synergistic effect.  and if you've had it with western medicine, then let's bring on the herbs and acupuncture.