a common question i am asked during a first treatment or when people are deciding about making an appointment is, "how many appointments will i need?"  there is no definitive or magical number of treatments to fix a health issue.  my books and education tell me the standard answer:  a course of treatment is 10 treatments.  but what does this really mean?  this course of treatment was set in a culture where acupuncture is the norm.  also, acupuncture is inexpensive and would be given everyday or every other day.  so, a patient would have 10 treatments in a matter of two or three weeks, take a week off, and have ten more treatments.  patients improve at a tremendously fast rate with this type of care.  unfortunately, we are not set up to give acupuncture this way in the united states.  we don't have insurance coverage or government assistance, so acupuncture is considerably more expensive.  most patients come once a week or every other week.  a course of 10 treatments takes quite awhile and is an overwhelming answer!!

so, let's cut to the chase.  what is the answer?  how many treatments do you need?  IT DEPENDS!  it depends on how long you've had the problem.  if you slept on your neck wrong and woke up in pain this morning and come to see me today - you will feel 90 - 95% better when you leave.  one more treatment and you should be good to go!  if you herniated 3 discs and waited 6 or 7 years to come in (like i did), it's definitely going to take a lot more.  i went to my acupuncturist 3 times a week for a month and stopped taking pain meds.  one more month of 3 times a week and i could jog!  if i had gone once a week, it would have taken much longer! 

although i can't give an exact timeline, i can tell patients that in general, you will start to notice a change in 3 - 5 treatments.  plus, i am REALLY stubborn...so i will try all types of modalities until i see improvement - whether it's cupping, electric acupuncture, moxibustion or a few others that i keep up my sleeve!  just remember...the longer you wait to get treatment, the longer it will take to fix the issue.  if you are contemplating treatment, come on in...let's get you feeling better...faster!