NO, NO and NO!  i use the tiniest needles! they are so small that it's hard to puncture a business card! the worst case scenario is that you might feel a sensation similar to that of a bug bite, but it goes away quickly. c'mon people, how many things do you torture yourselves with daily for the greater good? seriously: waxing, lazer hair removal, tatoos, piercings, straight edge shaving, driving anywhere in the bay area...and i'm going to stick you with 32 gauge needles that will make you relax and probably fall asleep. how bad can it be?

i understand that a lot of people are not used to what we call "qi" (pronounced chee). qi is the energy that you feel when i insert the needle and manipulate it - many patients refer to this as me twirling or playing with the needle. but i actually have a reason for this aside from making you squirm. i am trying to get the qi. it's the weird feeling that might feel heavy, tingly, light, or just odd. this is what i'm going i tap into your body's energy and direct it so that you can get better.

and then...what do i do with said needles? i put them in a sharps container to have them destroyed. every needle i use is BRAND SPANKIN' NEW! STERILE! i only use them once and away they go to the red sharps container. i have heard people say that they worry that acupuncturists will reuse needles to save money. SERIOUSLY?! that's gross and totally unsanitary and unhealthy. and our tiny needles are not that expensive. and on a completely selfish level, i don't want to handle the needles a second time for fear of stabbing myself with the used needle. so relax...the needles are clean and new and don't hurt...unless you make me mad! heehee...just kidding. or am i?!