Joanna Shell - Acupuncturist and Herbalist 




I am a licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist. I received my Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the American College of Traditional Chinese  Medicine, a four year graduate program that includes an extensive clinical  internship. I received my Bachelor of Arts from UC Santa Barbara, where I  first encountered Chinese Medicine.  

After graduate school, in 2001, I worked at the CPMC Stroke and Rehabilitation Community Clinic, both treating patients and teaching students.  I worked at the ACTCM Community Clinic.  My interest moved into the treatment of cancer with Chinese medicine so I worked at Isaac Cohen’s Oncology Clinic.  Eventually, I moved into private practice. 

I believe in integrating both eastern and western medicine – using the best of both worlds – to reach optimal health for her patients.  I specialize in women’s health/fertility, PTSD and emotional problems, pain management, and stress relief.  However, I happily treat the common cold, migraine, or insomnia!  Additionally, I have worked extensively with the special needs community.  Initially, I taught therapeutic horseback riding lessons to people with special needs.  This quickly led to treating this lovely population as well. 

As a Patient:

As my patient, you will learn how to create a healthy balance in your body and in your life through the use of acupuncture,  herbs, and nutritional counseling.  You will learn what you can do to help yourself in your daily life, in addition to your treatments. You will also find weekly blogs on this website that highlight different aspects of Chinese Medicine and its uses.  With this holistic approach, we will discover and treat the root of health issues as  well as the symptoms.

How did I get interested in acupuncture?

Everyone asks me why I became an acupuncturist. So, here it goes: I became interested in Chinese Medicine after years of pain that resulted from a car accident. I turned to acupuncture only after trying medication, physical therapy,  chiropractic, an epidural block, and was considering surgery. I doubted that acupuncture would help, but felt helpless and desperate.   After only two months,  I was able to exercise and was medicine free!   I was stunned. I never thought  it would work, but it did then and has continued to work for me as a patient and as a practitioner!

Upon learning more about Chinese Medicine, I found that it was useful for so much more than pain. From mental issues  to indigestion, Chinese Medicine is a noninvasive and effective treatment  that harmonizes the body and the mind, creating well-being. It never ceases to amaze me!